beth mccain 2234

So many ‘fight’ with what they can’t change in life. They build resistant feeling block upon resistant feeling block pushing against the very thing they aren’t happy with. And as they push against the very thing they don’t want; they are creating a resistant vibration that goes out into the Universe and says, “Give me more of that!” And the Universe obliges.

You see, it isn’t about what you want and don’t want that comes into your life,  it is about what you put out into the Universe that creates your life experience. When we don’t want something to come into our life; the very focus of worry and ‘don’t come into my life’ creates a vibration that heads out into the Universe and that is what comes back to you.

Creating positive vibrations in the life experience brings more of a positive vibration into your life.

So when we push against and fight within about an experience that we just can’t change, then we are just creating more of the same kind of vibration in life. Part of living life is to learn how to go with the flow of an experience that we can’t change. It is about accepting it and letting go of the resistant feeling vibration. And in letting go of the vibration; we are creating a steady positive feeling vibration that may change what can’t be changed. Funny how that works, don’t you think? 🙂

Acceptance doesn’t mean you are giving up; accepting means you are embracing your life experiences and creating more positive feeling vibrations through that acceptance.