beth mccain 5565

Your life isn’t set in stone. You have choices all along the way. Life continues to unfold even when you think you’ve gotten to where you want to be.

You can’t change your past but you can learn from your past. And what you learn in your past you can apply to your present and future. You have a choice in your present and future at this very moment.

Just when you think you are who you want to be, you will make yet another change and become someone more than you were before. You will forever be changing  and inner growing.

When you let life happen and accept the fact that you don’t have to replay the past and can fine tune your present to create your future; you will be going with the flow of your choices that you consciously make for your life.

Enjoy your life as you live it. Live your life as you continue on. And if you don’t like what is happening then you can change it with a choice of how you think, act, and react to your life experience. Nothing is set in stone my friend. You always have options…