beth mccain 779

We are connected at this very moment. We may have distance between us but our thoughts at this moment are connected. I write and you read it and in that moment we connect. Through the writing and your ability to connect through the writing, means we connect to one another for that moment. We then both go back to living life after having that moment together. We are still connected in some way but we individually go back to our lives.

But the connection that is between the ‘all’ of the Universe and yourself is never detached. You are connected at all times.

There are times where we can get so busy in life that we forget that we are connected to others and the Universe itself. We can feel alone and unloved. We can lose faith and hope. It isn’t the Universe that isn’t connected at that moment; it is we that are too busy to ‘check’ within for a few moments where that connection to faith, hope, and unconditionally love has always been.

Take time to ‘check within’ and remember and feel that connection to the Universe. There is peace, love, and all the answers you truly need and want.