beth mccain 2234

Awe is when you stop and take notice. It’s letting ourselves remember how amazing this Universe is from the vast space of the sky to the smallest of detail in the teeniest flower. It is stopping and taking notice of what is truly a wonder in this big beautiful Universe. Awe can be found in the everyday of life and can help you remember that direction connection you have, and always will have, to the Universe.

Awe is not a thought but a feeling within where you are speechless and can only feel the wonder of it all. Awe is that moment where you know are unconditionally loved and never alone in this world.

Go out into nature, look up at the sky, or look over the waves in the ocean.  Awe is just waiting for you to find it my friend. Breathe it in and truly know that there is a connection that is much deeper than just this physical world. You are connected to the very beat of the Universal ‘heart.’ You are unconditionally loved and taken care of.