beth mccain 4453

Every thing in our personal space reflects how we are feeling. If you have an overly organized area that you fuss and fume over, then that is an indication of wanting control in life. And if you have clutter laying around that you keep meaning to get to, then it can be an indication that you feel ‘cluttered’ within.

Did you know that each and every little step that you take to letting go of the control or clearing up the clutter will actually help you within as well? When we have a space in our home or our office that is cluttered with all kinds of papers or ‘old’ things that we won’t use in a million years, and we begin to clear it up a little then we will be de-cluttering the mind as well. Haven’t you noticed that if things are just too messy that your mind keeps going back to it? Some will do something about it and others won’t.  It is always the choice of the individual.

It can work both ways though. If you are feeling ‘cluttered and unfocused’ within then you can pick a corner in your house that needs straightening and that will signal your mind to let it know that de-cluttering is what you are doing for the mind and body. You will find that life will become clearer.

Every part of who we are is connected. From the mind to the body to the spirit.  You can use the body to help the mind and spirit just like you can use the mind to help the body and spirit.

How about de-cluttering just a little today? Everyone could use a good cleaning, don’t you think?