beth mccain 793

Sometimes when we are living life we can get the feeling that we are trapped in where we are in life. No matter how you try you just can’t seem to get out of the place you are.

Just know that no matter how trapped you feel that you always have a choice. You see, you have freedom of thought my friend. And that freedom of thought can take you beyond where you are at this very moment. Even though life seems to be sitting still, it truly isn’t. Even if day in and day out are the same; they really aren’t because each day you have different thoughts, different experiences, encounter different people, and create different scenarios for your life. You may be in a routine at home but you are not routine in who you are.

So what this means is you have the ability to get out of the feeling of your life trap. Begin by thinking outside the box of where you are right now. Think about what you would really like in life? What would you like life to feel like? As you fine tune the thoughts and feeling you will begin seeing slight changes in your day. As you become more appreciative of the life you lead you will find that your life will reflect even more to appreciate. If you want change to happen and you think outside the box of all the change that can happen then slight changes will begin. You may not see them immediately but know that they are there.

As you inner work on your thoughts, feelings, and reaction in life then you will find that life takes on a whole new meaning. Each experience becomes another step to where you want to be.

It is your choice where you take your life but it all begins with a thought and feeling my friend.