beth mccain 779

Do you use the weekend to catch up on loose ends from work or life itself? Sometimes I wonder if we get into such structured time in life that we forget that it is important to have unstructured time as well.

It’s okay to have nothing to do because you really aren’t doing nothing. When you sit in your hammock and relax or get a cup of coffee and stare out the window; you are quieting the mind, the body, and the spirit. It should be a common practice in life just like exercising the body. Quieting and having unstructured time with nothing to do is really doing something. You are connecting to the part of you that is within. And that part is connecting to the all of the Universe where every answer to life’s questions are. And in that connection you find balance, love, ideas, answers, and uplifting energy.

You see? There is a lot going on when you have nothing to do. 🙂