beth mccain 2212

Why is it so important to be right? And why is it so important for others to see things our way? It doesn’t make any sense. If we were all the same, thought the same, looked the same, answered questions the same, believed the same, you get my drift, we would have nothing to truly think about and inner grow through contrast because we would all be the same.

Can you even imagine that? Isn’t it better to have unique views, unique looks, different thoughts and feelings, and different things and experiences that we like and don’t like? We learn through contrast. We open our mind through contrast. We can look at another and their belief and figure out what we feel about it all. We can agree or disagree about it and still be accepting of one another.

What’s wrong with different and unique? Why would we all want to be the same or ‘normal’ or ‘perfect?’ And who said what is supposed to be normal and perfect anyway? Could it be that it was someone who felt they were right and perfect? Or maybe they wanted to feel accepted so they began pointing at others and saying, “You aren’t normal because you’re not like me?” Maybe they began to say to others, “I am the one that is doing it right so therefore it is normal.” Then others began to believe the same thing and they created what was ‘normal?’

It has and always will be in the eye of the beholder.

Being unique is amazing, don’t you think?