beth mccain 9989

There are some that feel guilty about everything whether they’ve done  anything to be guilty of or not.

Guilt is an emotion that can serve its purpose. If someone has done something that makes another feel badly or to mess up another and their life experience, then guilt is a healthy emotion that can be learned from. It is a feeling that weighs on the mind and heart that says, “I shouldn’t have done that.”  That can bring about another feeling and thought that says, “I won’t do that again.” They may even tell another they are sorry for what they did. Lesson learned and then it can be moved on from.

But some have guilt that seems to be ingrained in their very being. They may feel guilty because they ate the last cookie or were unable to help someone that needed help. They may take on guilt from being taught that everything was somehow related to them and their control and that they are responsible for any and every thing that might go wrong.

Can you imagine? Maybe you can. My own mom is like that. She feels guilty when my dad has a painful headache. She thinks maybe she gave him something to eat to cause it or maybe he slept ‘funny’ because she might have slept a little on his side of the bed. Guilt can be a resistant vibration if you let it.

When it comes to guilt, ask yourself a question. Ask yourself if the guilt is coming from something that was in your control. Was it something that truly is something for you to feel guilty about? If it is then you can use that guilt to help guide you to a better feeling solution and an apology if need be to another or even to your own self. But if the guilt is misplaced and is just an automatic response to a view that you may have been taught or that you took upon yourself, then do your best to do the inner work necessary not to take on guilt.

It is yet another vibration that can help or hinder your inner progress.