Oh that negative feeling experience. A negative experience sure can make you feel uncomfortable, can’t it? But did you know that it is only negative because you see it as negative? Did you know that a negative experience to one might not be negative to another? You see, there are gems in negative feeling experiences. We learn more about what we do and don’t want in a less than positive experience. We learn to become stronger in spirit and we learn to shine light on the darkness of an experience. We learn how to let go, to accept and move on, and we learn to unconditional love ourselves and others. Negative experiences create inner growth and it is what we think, act, and feel whether the inner growth is a little or a lot. There are gems in the negative feeling experience. All you have to do is open your mind and heart and listen within.

It is how we move on from the experience that will either create more of the same or take us to a whole new level of thought and vibration.

How about we not label experiences positive or negative and just live each experience to the best of our ability? How about we expect the best and trust that it will all unfold just as it should for a better feeling life experience? How about we stay aware of what we are being shown in it all and listen within for the answers?

In every experience all is truly well.