beth mccain 4453

Sometimes we can get so busy that we can’t even seem to think straight. We multi task upon multi task until we drop exhausted in bed only to begin again the next day.

When you are this busy make sure to take time to yourself as well. It is wonderful to get things accomplished and to keep attaining to something more; but it is just as important to nurture the spirit as well as the mind and body. If we neglect the true self within (the spirit of who we are) then we are forgetting why we are here. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and not physical beings having a spiritual experience. When we get so wrapped up in the physical that we can’t think straight then we begin to create illusions of being alone and having too much to do and never getting it done.

Sometimes we avoid going ‘within’ because we are afraid to be alone with who we are. We’re afraid that maybe something isn’t be addressed or that we might hear a subtle voice that is telling us to slow down and relax. Sometimes we’re afraid to see what we might find. We might find that we don’t want to think about who we are because we don’t approve or we haven’t accomplished what our heart’s desire says.

Take time to be with you. Listen to the voice within of who you truly are. That voice knows that no matter what you do in this physical life that you are accepted, embraced, and unconditionally loved.

Too busy to think…are you afraid of what you might find in the quiet? There’s nothing to be afraid of my friend. In the quiet lies your hopes, dreams, acceptance, and unconditional love from who you truly are; a spiritual being having a physical experience.