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When we feel like we have to be in control of life then we create this resistant vibration that can slow life up. When you want to control something or someone in life, you are holding on and pushing against easy flowing positive vibrations.

Water is a good example of steadily flowing yet being amazingly powerful. When water is trickling down a creek you find that it keeps moving. It moves smoothly over the rocks and the moss. If it comes across an obstacle then it rises and then goes over the top of the obstacle in a steady flowing motion. It builds momentum and becomes stronger. It is able to wear down hard surfaces like rocks and all it does is smoothly flow. It doesn’t ever push against anything; it flows in all different directions as it comes to each obstacle only to come back together after it has flowed through, around, and over the obstacle. Even though the intention isn’t to take control; water can take control with a steady flowing hand of power.

You can do the same. You don’t have to hold on to and push against anything to have control. You can go with the flow of life and let go of the places that feel as if they need to be controlled. Instead of pushing again the experience, you can keep a balanced steady flow and exude your personal power in that way.

How about going with the flow today and not trying to put any square pegs in round holes? How about letting go and know that you will get to where you want to be much smoother and faster when you let go of control.

Flow my friend…