beth mccain 793

Struggle begins with our perception of an experience we are having; maybe something is out of our control, maybe we don’t want something to go a certain way and it does, maybe someone isn’t acting like you would like them to and it messes up the view from your own life experience.  These are just a few ways that we can experience the thought and feeling of struggle.

Struggle begins with your thought. When you get in a place where you push against an experience with your thoughts and feelings then you create a resistant feeling vibration. And that resistant vibration can feel like you are struggling.

Here’s an example: maybe you don’t have enough money for your rent. You desperately want to have enough. You start going down the path of worrying. Then in that worry you begin to feel stressed and that stress and thought begin to take over your whole day. You don’t know how you’re going to get it together and then it creates more worry. This creates the resistant vibration we call struggle.

What if I was to tell you that you didn’t have to create the struggle vibration and that by creating another way of thought you will actually create a vibration that can help your situation?  You see, as humans we feel the need to create the worst case scenario so that we can figure it all out ‘just in case.’ And in creating that worst case scenario we are actually creating a vibration of exactly what we don’t want to happen. But what if you began to create a best case scenario instead? What if instead of freaking out that you don’t have the rent you be open to figuring out ways to pay it? What if you created a strong determined vibration of figuring it out? And what if you didn’t have an answer that you trust that the Universe will take care of it in some way for you because you are focusing on answers and the best case scenario instead of the struggling? What if when your mind went to the worst case scenario and begins to feel the struggle like vibration that you switched your mind to the best case scenario and dwell on that over and over again instead of dwelling on the worry vibration?

You will still do your best to make it all work but you will be putting strong positive vibration toward it all instead of the struggle feeling vibration of worry. By opening your mind and heart to the positive you will be able to see answer much more clearly than when you state that you are struggling.

Let go of the struggle vibration and create some positive feeling vibrations instead. You’ll be creating a whole new way of life.