beth mccain 4453

Today is up to you. It isn’t about what is happening in your life, it isn’t about what others are saying, and it isn’t about your circumstances surrounding your life. Today your thoughts are up to you. How you think, how you feel, and how you react are creating your next moment. And as you create your next moment, you are creating a vibration that goes out into the Universe. The Universe answers ‘that call’ and says, “She/He is telling me what she/he wants in their vibration. I will send it back to them to show them I unconditionally love them and that they have a choice. They have free will to ‘be.”  It usually isn’t the exact image of what you sent out but the image of the vibration you sent out. The finer tuned that you get in that thought and feeling will create more of what it is that you see as the end result. Your vibration creates a feeling and coupled with thought you create the next moment and ultimately your future.

So, what do you choose today? No matter what is happening around you, or to you, do you keep a strong steady focus of positivity and know that whatever is on ‘your plate’ for the day is a part of being human and that you have a choice in how you view that experience? Do you know that you can make it through and will come through with flying colors depending on how you view the situation? Do you let go of how it will be healed and trust that your steady positive strong vibration of seeing it healed will be taken care of?

What will you choose today? Either way you are creating your next moment and future my friend.