beth mccain 5565

Being positive is an everyday intention. Life has many twists and turns but this doesn’t mean that you can’t stay in a balanced state of mind, body, and spirit while experiencing some of the less positive feeling experiences. To create positivity in an otherwise negative feeling experience takes dedication, focus, and a higher level of vibration.

So how do I create positivity in my everyday even in those moments where it can feel less than positive? I focus. I focus on what is good about the situation. I focus on the ‘what ifs’ of the positive for the outcome. I focus on ‘ there is a lesson within this that will take me to a better feeling place’ feeling and thought toward an experience that will clear the way in my best interest and life.  And if I can’t seem to find the positive in it all; I trust that there is a gem among the rocks and that it will show itself when it is ready and when I am ready to receive it.

I deal with the experience in the best way that I know how but I don’t hold onto the negative feelings and thoughts. What are they doing for me but creating more of the same kind of feeling and those feelings create worry, anxiety, and stress? Why not take a deep breath in, relax my body, and go within to find that calm place that is connected to all love, compassion, acceptance, and answers? I then let it go so that it will come back healed.

Remind yourself on a daily basis that being positive creates more to be positive about. The more you are able to see the positive; the more life will show you the positive. Give yourself daily reminders to think positive; write it on the palm of your hand, put a p0st it note in your bag, make it your desktop screen saver; do anything you can to remind yourself to find the positive in everything you do.

Does it mean that you will be without contrast in life? Not at all. We are spiritual beings living a physical experience. Contrast is a part of the life experience but how we react, think, feel, and create the next moment is up to us. And that ultimately creates our future my friend.