beth mccain 779

It can be so easy to look at the physical world and say, “That person is making me struggle. This job is making me struggle. I don’t have enough money and I’m struggling.”

Did you know that the only place you are struggling is within your thoughts? It has nothing to do with the experience. You see, we build these resistant vibrations when we think struggle. Just because we don’t have something doesn’t mean we have to think struggle. Just because a job seems hard doesn’t mean you have to think struggle. Any form of a negative thought can create resistant feeling vibrations. And it is in the resistant feelings that create the appearance of struggling.

Negative feeling thoughts do serve a purpose; they help us to learn more about what we want and don’t want. They help us to learn more about compassion and about love. When another is having a negative feeling experience we can get wrapped up in it and create the same kind of vibration or we can learn from their experience and reach a higher level of positive vibration that will help our own inner growth. But when we dwell on the negative and only see the negative in life then we are creating more negative through our vibrations.  A negative vibration pushes against what you want in your life. By focusing on what you don’t want you actually create more of what you don’t want.  So when we focus on struggling, we create more of the same kind of experience through our vibrations.

What if we were to let go of the feelings and thoughts of struggle? What if when we feel as if we are having a hard time we not push against the experience and instead go with the flow of the experience while creating a feeling of ‘this too shall pass’ or ‘this will lead me to open doors’ or ‘this is another step to get me to where I want to be in life?’  By observing what can be learned, going with the flow, look for the open doors of opportunity and not the closed doors, and being flexible with the experience that feels like struggle; you will be creating a bridge that gets beyond the experience without having to wade through the struggle like vibrations.

Struggle begins within your thoughts. How about letting go of struggle and trusting that the direction you are going is leading you right to where you want to be? How about trusting the Universe and go with the flow?