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Everyday, people have opinions. We have opinions about what we should eat, how the world should be run, about others and their lives, and opinions about opinions.

It’s important to remember that our opinion is coming from what we think is right, what we have experienced, and what we perceive.  What is right for one may not be right for another. Sometimes we can get so hard headed in our opinion because we truly believe that we are right and have the answers.

When I give my opinion I always make sure that I come from a compassionate place. I don’t ever push my opinions on others. I just say what I feel from the heart and then leave it at that. It is their choice whether it my thoughts work for them. I accept who they are whether they listen to my opinion or not.

Our purpose here on this earth is to experience life to the best of our own ability. It is none of our business what another does with their life experience unless they ask.

So what if someone isn’t experiencing life the way that you do. Their life is their own and how they conduct themselves and their life is none of our business. We are here to experience together but each in our own unique way.

Let’s embrace the many ways there is to experience life. Let’s accept others for who they are all the while doing our best in our own life.