beth mccain 783

There is something you can do when you are worried or feeling as if life is a struggle.  Take a moment to get by yourself and either sit outside or look out the window at the sky. In that moment; take a deep breath in, relax your shoulders, and then exhale feeling as if you are seeing from ‘within’ instead of from your physical eyes. Close your eyes if you feel the need. Feel what you see in that sky. Whether it is raining, snowing, or crystal clear breathe that beauty in. Know that the world keeps going and that all the rain, the snow, the blue, and all of the beauty is for you in that moment. You are being shown that the world keeps turning, there is an ebb and flow to everything, and that the beauty is always within you.

Take one more deep breath and know that you are not alone. The Universe is sitting right within you helping you to reach a feeling of balance. For just a moment feel that Universe within you. Put your hand to your heart and feel it beating. You are alive! You are living life! You are here experiencing. That is all that is required. If you want more, there is more and you can achieve it. If you want balance, you can find the balance of the mind, body, and spirit right within your connection to the Universe and everyone else in the Universe.

If you need help then ask for help and then let go of the feeling and know that you will be taken care of and all will unfold in the time it should. If you want to help another but are unable to at the moment then know that your thoughts of love and compassion can help just by mentally sending them to another. If you feel you don’t have enough, then ask the Universe for what you need and want and be grateful for what you have knowing that everything will unfold just as it should.

You are an intricate part of the beautiful Universe…all is well.