beth mccain 4445

Have you ever had this idea come to your mind and get so excited that you feel you have to tell someone and then that someone tells you how it won’t work and how ridiculous the idea is? Then your ‘balloon’ deflates as the air feels as if it was taken from you?

Know that criticism usually comes from someone who thinks that their way is the only way. They think that just because it worked or didn’t work for them that it gives them free license to criticize your life. They may be unhappy with their own life and may feel the need to make you feel unhappy about life because they don’t want any happy if they aren’t happy. Or it is just the way they perceive the idea through their own perceptions of how life is.

Being critical creates nothing. It doesn’t bring results at all. It harbors resentful feelings and thoughts. Some may not be conscious of being critical and it could be a pattern they adopted from their own family but it truly doesn’t matter. Being critical only hurts and doesn’t help.

When you talk with someone it is important to give your advice through kindness and compassion, acceptance and love, instead of through a critical eye. You want them to feel encouraged and uplifted after they talk with you. This doesn’t mean you don’t tell the truth in situations but always do so through compassion. Do your best to see what they see before speaking. With your own inner lessons they can benefit from your experiences just as you can from theirs.

Let’s do speak from the genuine self within, shall we?