Can you imagine if everything that we thought of instantaneously appeared? Those moments when you were frustrated with someone or those moments where you were feeling down? How about those moments when you thought to yourself something that wasn’t the nicest thing about another? Can you imagine the manifestations of every little thought? Thoughts would become something to be afraid of, especially when those thoughts we didn’t mean came true (just because we were mad in the heat of a moment). There might be a lot of people jumping off cliffs because of another thinking, “I wish he’d just jump off a cliff and go away.”

You see, that is why focus and intention become a part of creating what we think about. Things and experiences don’t magically appear at the moment we think them, for a reason. The journey of getting from A to B is the true reason for this life experience because in that journey we change, grow, and learn more about our life and our own true self within. We learn how to change our vibration to a higher level. We grow through experiences that help us to open up even more.

Through the journey we discovery more of who we are and what life is about. We are doing the groundwork as we journey along.

How about enjoying the journey today in everything you do? You will get to the destination: I promise. But you will get there easier, faster, and with higher positive vibrations if you walk your journey with your head up, a smile on your face, and an open heart and mind.