beth mccain quotes 778

How many times have you read a story about someone and immediately made an assumption of what you thought they were all about? Maybe you read a story about a celebrity or a politician and just assumed that what you were reading was written in truth so you made your choice of what that person was like even though you may have never met them?

Everyone does it and in this day and age it seems that any photo is open to opinion from anyone. Who are we to say who is beautiful or not? Who are we to say that we know someone is innocent or guilty if we don’t know all the facts no matter how many facts are presented?

We can never know another or an experience unless we have experienced the exact experience of another through their eyes and their choices. We can look at another and think we know but there is no way we can know unless we are in their shoes.

When it comes to others; keep an open mind and heart. Don’t take what others state as fact as truth because sometimes it is just opinion and assumptions of what they think of another or of what happened to another.

Try your best to not to  jump on the bandwagon because everyone else did. Give others the benefit of your open mind and heart without assuming you know who they are or what they did.

Make your choice based out of kindness and compassion, out a balanced state of mind and heart, and in a calm place within the mind. There is always the truth right within you. You can never know what the motivation is behind something another has done.

We are all spiritual beings in a physical body experiencing life the best we can.