beth mccain 2212

It can be easy to blame our life on outer circumstances; the boss made you close up late, the dog chewed up your favorites shoes, the check was less than you thought, or you are last in line when you need to get back home to pick up the kids. These are all valid reasons to want to blame why life isn’t going the way you want it to but did you know that you have a choice in it all?

You could choose to look at it from a different perspective since you can’t change the circumstance. Maybe staying late at work will give you more hours to make more money, maybe the boss will know that he can trust you with even bigger projects or maybe it will propel you to finally get you to go look for another job that you are happy with? You see, there is always a positive within a seeming negative and just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. How about assuming there is a positive and do the inner work to change your perception of the situation? By changing your perception you are creating positive feeling vibrations toward the present and your future.

It is one of the first inner work things you can do to begin to change your life experience in the direction you want to go.

Sometimes we have experiences that help us to reach a higher level in thought to match the vibration we envision. That negative feeling experience could actually be the catalyst to creating the positive that you are looking for.

And there’s the positive within that negative.  Your life is what you make it my friend. Make it count!