beth mccain 33432

Don’t you love it when you look toward the sky and see a beautiful rainbow right in front of your eyes? I always get this feeling within that can’t even be described. It is an amazing inner feeling of awe, beauty, and love…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel that feeling every single day? Can you imagine the vibrations that we would be sending out into the Universe saying, “More of this feeling please!’

You can create that feeling everyday; the giggle of a baby, the smile from a friend you haven’t seen in forever, the clouds parting to reveal a beautiful shade of blue, your dog’s undying loyalty and love when you walk in the door, the sounds of nature, a unexpected bloom in the garden, just to name a few. Being conscious of all the little things that make you feel good create more of to feel good about. Focusing on all those mini rainbows creates more rainbows.

You can create mini rainbows all day long through appreciation my friend.