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The Universe is all about cycles and balance just as humans are.

Nature shows us cycles through the rising and setting of the sun, the cycle of the seasons, and the life cycle of plants and animals. We see that balance is a part of the natural order of the Universe; from the waves of the ocean where for every wave there is a hollow somewhere in the sea.

The Universe shows us by example that balance is important to the life experience.

For everything that we release from within, we must replace it with something else. If you are inner working on letting go of negative thoughts then you have to replace that space within where the negative thought was with something else. You don’t want to replace the negative thought with another negative thought, right? So for every negative you release make sure to replace it with a positive.

And we are shown cycles so that we can remember that everything in our own lives are about the ebb and flow of the cycles. We know that there will always be an up after a down.

Look to the natural order of the Universe for some of your most pressing questions about life. You will find an answer through the natural order that is shown to you every day by the Universe.