Why do we compare ourselves to others and their experiences? What makes us think that what they have is better or worse than what we have?

When we compare ourselves to others and their lives, then we are creating conflict within ourselves. The conflict wasn’t there until you began thinking about what you desire and what you think you don’t have. That is where the conflict arises.

How about not comparing yourself to another and just be who and what you truly are? There is no conflict within just being yourself.

We learn about what we do and don’t want in life by looking at others and their experiences. It is when we ‘take on’ a vibration of envy, jealousy, or ‘wanting intensely what they have’ that creates the resistant vibration. Compare, think about how you would like it in your own life, and then create it yourself and move on. No more resistant thought or feeling as you go with the flow of life instead of pushing against it.