beth mccain 6657

It takes a conscious effort to love the self. It seems that many have a problem with liking who they are. They make comparisons about their bodies and their thoughts to others. They begin to think that they can’t be happy until everything is just right or just perfect. They continue to keep looking at others and begin to think that all the other person has is much better than what they have and that somehow that makes them less somehow.

You can see how these can happen, can’t you? With so many distractions, comparisons, opinions, what is considered normal, and feeling like they don’t belong; they seem to feel that they are the only ones feeling this way.

This is a part of being human and what we think is our choice.

Loving the self is an inside job. It can’t be attained looking through our physical eyes. The only way we can find the love, the deserving, the worthy thoughts of the self, are within. They can only be felt. They will not be found in and among other people.

So begin today. Begin to look at yourself from within. Look at the pure spiritual being of light that is who you are. Look at how loved and accepted the pure light of who you are is. How could it not be ‘just right?’  Each and every one of us is perfect and deserving. How about loving the self without the thought of what something or someone is supposed to look like or supposed to think?

How about just being the true light that you are and know that you are just right as you are. You are loved my friend.