beth mccain 779

No one is a stinker on purpose. People are not conscious that are they being a jerk. They usually have some kind of motivation behind it. They aren’t mean just for the sake of being mean. They are usually feeling unworthy, less than, or hurt. They may be angry and frustrated at how they feel they were treated.

This doesn’t make it right why others can be mean but it makes it so we can understand why they are mean.

No one is mean on purpose; there is always motivation from their own feelings of not feeling good enough. They need to prove to themselves and others that they are stronger somehow. That they are not vulnerable. So they lash out and try to show how strong they are by hurting others. When in reality they are the ones that are afraid that they are not enough and must use force and using force to use their ego self since they don’t know that they are loved no matter what.  They don’t know their worth and strength doesn’t come from the physical ego self; that it comes from the true spirit of who they are from within.

Will they become conscious of the true light within and not the false ‘light’ they think they are shining? That is up to them…

What is up to you is to inner grow beyond their facade. Not take in their vibrations, continue to love yourself and others, and be the example of the true light shining from within. Becoming much stronger in spirit through love and kindness.