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Do you live life according to what others tell you to do? Do you live life because everyone before you lived that way and you ‘took on’ that vibration?

Whatever you think, make sure it is what you think. Whatever you want life to be, make sure it is what you want. Whatever you may be feeling, make sure it is what you are feeling and not what others expect you to feel.  You see, sometimes we just live life in a certain way because that is all we knew. All you have to do is become conscious of your thoughts, your desires, and your feelings and honestly ask yourself if that is what you want to think, to want, and to feel. If it’s not; then you can do the inner work to get to the place where you are living in the way that you want to and not just because everyone else does it that way.

Explore and discover who you truly are by becoming conscious of your thoughts, your feelings, and what you desire life to be.