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Normal is just a word that labels what ‘they’ say is just right, the way it should be, or the way everyone is supposed to be. Who are ‘they’ anyway? Who are they to say what is normal? Sure, as humans we have many similarities; we have bodies, minds, and a spirit but that is where the similarities end. We are all unique in everything we say, do, feel, and view life. Some medicines work for some and the same medicines don’t work for others.  We are all different in how we perceive life and in how our bodies are shaped, how our minds, think, and what our purpose is within our spirit.

Don’t put too much focus on being normal. No one is normal and that is the way it is supposed to be. Just be you. Be the best you that you know how and if you don’t fit into some kind of mold that others fit then it just means that you are an individual and there is nothing wrong with that.