beth mccain 779

You can’t avoid your fears. You can’t walk around them or tiptoe quietly by them. Fear has to be faced head on. You have to walk right through fear. You have to look it in the eye and ask it why. Ask why you fear. When you ask yourself what you are afraid of then ask what would happen next if that fear came true. Keep asking yourself what would happen next to work through fear. For example: Let’s say you are afraid to ask someone on a date. Ask yourself, “Why am I afraid?”  Answer the question. Maybe you are afraid because the person might reject you. Then ask why you are afraid of rejection? Then answer that question about the fear of rejection. Once that answer comes keep whittling it down until you come to the true reason of the inner fear. When you get there you will find that you were afraid of nothing. Maybe you felt you were unworthy of love but that couldn’t be because the Universe always unconditionally loves and accepts. This would mean that the inner work must be done to help you accept that you are worthy of love. THAT is where you can start. You have empowered yourself and found what you were truly afraid of, and that you can do something about it.

You will find at the end of it all that truly what you are afraid of is a ‘maybe or not at all.’

You are always loved and never alone. If everything fell apart you would always be loved and always taken care of…always.

Fear be gone! 😉