beth mccain quotes 445

It takes a little inner work to get your mind off your worries and concerns but it truly is worth it. Become resolute in finding the positive, finding the joy, finding what there is to be grateful for in your life. When you focus on all that is positive; your mind shifts from the negative to the positive. And when your mind shifts to the positive then you are opening up a new channel within yourself that will create more positive experiences. And as you create more positive experiences you are reaching a higher level of thought and understanding.

Give your worries the boot. The only thing worry does for you is create more to worry about. You could spend that time thinking about how great life is and can be.  If you are concerned about a certain experience then do all the inner work needed to let it go and move on. If you are worried about a future experience, shift your focus toward the good that could happen instead of the negative feelings and thoughts. As you do your best to shift your focus you will find that the Universe will answer your call and give to you what you have put out there.