beth mccain quotes 778

Anytime you worry, become impatient, fear that something isn’t going to happen as you want, question an experience that comes into your life, or ask ‘why me;’ you are underestimating the Universe.

You see, the Universe sees every nook and cranny of what you want your life to be through your thoughts and feelings. When you worry, you are feeling and thinking that something is or isn’t going to happen as you want it to. When you become impatient, you are saying to the Universe that you don’t trust it to bring to you what you want in the right time for all.  When you question an experience in your life or deem it ‘negative,’ then you are telling the Universe you don’t trust how it is helping you to reach higher vibrations so that you will match what you envision.

In order for life to change and become more positive you have to reach a certain place in vibration. The Universe knows that vibration and figures out the perfect way to get you there. When we continually question, fear, worry, and don’t do the inner work then we stay in one place.