beth mccain 4445

When swimming out in the ocean, if you get caught up in a wave, do you swim against the current? If you did, the force of the water would pull you out to sea. If you fight to swim against the current you just wear yourself out and get nowhere. That is the time to let go and let the water take you where it will. Once the wave subsides and calms, you can then swim with the current and get easily to shore.

The same thing goes for life my friend. If you continue to swim against what is happening in your life and you push against and try to force things to happen, you will be fighting and resisting all the way. But if you go with the flow of what is happening and let go, you will find that it will be easier to ‘swim’ in a different direction.

Do your best not to create resistant vibrations in your life. How about going with the flow and letting the calm waters within take you to shore?