beth mccain 4453

Opinions are important. They can help us to look at things in a different perspective. Just make sure you don’t base your choices on the opinions of others. Instead look to increase your own knowledge through finding the true answers and experience it for yourself. You can even ask others advice who have directly experienced what you have searched out.

But most of all, take opinions in stride. Opinions are the views of another who can only see through their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. What is right for you could be completely different than what is right for another.

If that opinion comes from a negative feeling thought and place then you don’t need it. Look at it, take from it what is needed to fine tune for you, and then let it go. No one can possibly know every part of who you are unless they have walked in your shoes.

And if you are the one giving your opinion or advice, think before you speak my friend. Kindness, compassion, and above all love is where that opinion or advice should come from. Whether they use your advice or not doesn’t matter. You gave it from a kind loving inner place.