Before you speak about something that is important to you to discuss, ask yourself if it is a feeling you have or are you making a judgment. If it is a feeling then clarify within yourself what kind of feeling it is and then express yourself in a kind, compassionate manner. If it is a judgment then it is best not to be said.

You can share your feelings with another and be open as well. Be aware of how you communicate with another and make sure it doesn’t come from a place where you are pointing a finger at them and making a judgment. Before you say a word think about what you want to say and make sure it comes from a kind, gentle, and compassionate place and be prepared to listen as well.

Create openness and kindness in all that you say. This can create a vibration that will resonate through out the Universe and help others who are open to wanting kindness. Every vibration that you send out through your thoughts, feelings, and reactions creates more of the same. Whatever you send out will come back to you in some shape or form.

How about creating a little kindness and compassion today?