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Do you ever get up in the morning and just feel weary? Your emotions are on edge and you can’t figure out why? You just feel tired from the inside out? Sometimes when we don’t live from the true self within and the spirit/true self isn’t able to express itself, it becomes weary and tired. If the spirit isn’t being nurtured and taken care of it can feel neglected. We can’t put our finger on why we are so emotional but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is emotion related. It can be our true self within needing to express itself and when it doesn’t have a way to manifest then it can feel weary. So how do you remedy a weary spirit? By being aware…

When you become aware that the true self is weary then you can remedy it. Look for your best way to nurture it. Maybe it is through reading, singing, meditating, praying, or taking a walk in nature. Maybe a hobby or activity that gives you a deep wonderful feeling from the inside out. There are many ways to let the spirit express itself in this physical world. Find your way to express the true self within when you feel weary. It will rejuvenate the spirit, body, and mind.