beth 9989

Are you continually looking toward what needs to be next? Are you eating your breakfast only to be thinking about what is next that has to be done? And then as you get to your next task in your day are you thinking about what is next?

So many live their lives with their minds toward ‘what is next?’ Some speed through their day and think that once they get to ‘that’ place then that is where the happiness, money, and love are. So many think that if they can get every duck in a row in their lives then there will be this future end of happiness and then that is it.

Or they could start living right now. They could be happy in the ordinary moments of the day. They could appreciate all that they have right now and let things unfold just as they should. They could see that happiness is right in front of their nose if they just shift their focus and truly look at all that is within their life.  And as they open their eyes and see the truth, see the happiness, see the abundance in all shapes and forms they are creative a ‘go with the flow’ type of feel to their life and that feeling will create a steady go with the flow in every are of their life.

All from living in the moment…who knew? 😉