beth 787

The choice is yours. You have the freedom to say yes and the freedom to say no. It has and always will be your choice. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what others need and want that we forget about our own dreams and ambitions. It’s important to make yourself a priority when it comes to happiness and living life. It’s equally important to help others but there is a time to help others and a time to take care of yourself as well. You have unlimited choices when it comes to others. You can say yes, you can say maybe, you can say later, you can say no, you can say that you’re just not sure right now. Just make sure that you keep in mind what your priorities are and if you are happy in what you are doing.

The possibilities are endless my friend. And if another can’t handle you saying no then maybe it is time for them to figure that out for themselves. Don’t base your decisions of whether to say yes or no on they’re reactions or the guilt that you may feel. Base your decision on if it is something you are wanting to help with and if it feels right from within. If you say yes and feel resentment than you either should say no OR inner work on your own reaction and feelings about it all.

You always have a choice…