beth mccain 4453

What do you choose to see and focus on? When you wake up in the morning what is your first thought? Do you immediately go to the news and expect to see something negative? Do you complain and look at all that is going wrong in the world? Or do you expect traffic and complain before you have even gotten out the door?

OR do you wake up expecting the day to bring some positive surprises along the way? Do you look out the window and enjoy the rain falling as you get ready for work knowing that any and every experience can be positive just by how you handle it from your perspective? Do you focus on all that is good and positive in your life as you go about your day? Do you let others and their bad moods roll off your back so your day feels even more positive?

It has and always will be your choice where your day leads. It begins with a thought and a feeling my friend. Every moment is a new moment to begin once again. Every thought, every feeling, and every reaction creates your future. When your mind goes to the negative you can inner work to change the habit and focus on the positive instead. Why look toward the positive? Because YOU are creating your future life through how you feel and think right now. Wouldn’t it be better to create a positive life experience?

So what are you creating today?