beth mccain7787

We hear so much about the inner child within. Have you ever stopped to think that the true you within is ageless? It is as young as you want to be or as old as you want to be. It is only the physical body that ages but the mind and spirit are forever growing, forever playing, forever enjoying, forever in the moment, forever, forever…no age attached.

As we grow older our physical bodies may get wrinkles or even sag a little but truly that is not who we are. We are so much more than a physical body. The body is you but at the same time is nothing like the true you at all. How about today you let your inner child, the true you be spontaneous and genuine? Let others see the true you within and forgot all about the aging of the physical body.

And you know what? The aging of the physical body can be a beautiful thing. Each laugh line, each wrinkle shows that you have experienced this physical life in the best way that you knew how…you

You are ageless! 🙂