beth mccain 4453

How many times have you become unhappy just by listening to others and what they have to say? One moment you’re feeling great about life and then after surfing the internet or talking on the phone and the next minute you feel unhappy. Sometimes we can create illusions of what we have heard another say instead of looking within to see if it truly feels right.

How about next time you look within for what feels right about what they have said and search it out on your own? Opinion is just opinion. Opinions are based only on what that person has been through in their own life while walking in their shoes. There are no two people or thoughts alike and how we experience life is unique. Even with ‘facts’ in place the facts change and we find that again, it came back to an opinion. All the ones that jumped on board began to manifest what they all believed as one and that is how some facts come about; only to change a few days, weeks, or years down the road.

What feels and sounds right to you today?