beth mccain 4445

Have you ever went chasing after something and it just kept eluding your grasp? It was as if it was running away from you instead of coming closer to you?

You see, when we push and chase after something without looking within to see the true nature of what we are chasing, we push it away. But when we trust that it will come to us and relax into the expectation of letting it unfold just at the right time, it no longer runs from us. It attracts to us as we clear the way of the old vibrations and make room for the new abundant vibrations of what we want.

Make your choice in what you want in life and then trust and let it come to you all in the right time. If a moment presents itself to take action on what you want then take action but until then; mentally see it to fruition, keep in a strong positive state of mind that it is done, and then trust the Universe to unfold it all in the right time. These moments right now can be used to fine tune what needs to be in your vibrations so the old will leave and the new will unfold.