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Did you know that you can love and accept someone even if they do things that you don’t like in life? Life isn’t always the easiest and it’s okay that others may not do things the way you would do them. You can make a choice whether to become envious, jealous, or angry with another.

They make choices based on what they perceive and you make choices based on what you perceive but emotions are not who you are. They are just a passing feeling that gives you a ‘heads up’ on what direction you would like to go in. Your emotions are a gauge in your life but they don’t rule you.  They are merely indicators to help you along in your journey.

How about giving others a break today and giving yourself a break as well? How about loving and accepting any and every one for what they believe in and who they are without all the drama.

We could all do with a little less drama, don’t you think? 😉