beth mccain 1

You can choose to open up the true self within. It all comes from a certain mindset and intention. You can choose to step beyond the physical ego self that tells you how your opinion is the end all be all. You can choose to be generous, kind, and compassionate. You can choose to say no to the instant gratification a remark to another because they upset you. You can choose to see through eyes of joy and love. You can choose to realize that you don’t have to be right or win all the time. You can choose to take a higher level of thought when another becomes critical of you. You can choose to accept the positive in life instead of complaining about all that you don’t have.

You see? It is your choice how to live from the true self within… When you make the choice life seems to take on a steady smooth flow of calm, ease, and joy. By living from the true self within you are on the right track to where you want to be in life.