beth mccain 2234

We are our own toughest critics. When we make a mistake we can get all worked up and feel as if we have failed. We create goals and when we miss the deadline we can feel frustrated and upset. What if I was to tell you that there truly are no mistakes? That you did your best and it didn’t turn out like you thought but that you get an A+ in doing your best and learning from the experience for next time. You see, if we did everything exactly as we wanted then we wouldn’t have anything to learn from. Our spiritual self would be stagnant as it experiences through the physical body and mind but with our so called mistakes and contrast, we learn more about the self and others. We can rise to the occasion and step it up a notch.

How about congratulating yourself today for all that you have accomplished in life? Acknowledge and give yourself a few compliments for your everyday successes whether they are big or small. Truly, to the spiritual self, there is no difference between a bigger or smaller lesson. All the lessons and understanding that we experience are just as important to our true self within.

How about going easy on yourself today and accept and love all of who you are.