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Worry truly doesn’t have a certain focus. It seems to be general, doesn’t it? There is this overall feeling and thought that there must be something to worry about even when things are going wonderfully and smooth. Worry is the fear of the unknown and the unpredictability of a future experience. No one can predict the future but you can create a vibration of your future that insures a calm, steady positive vibration.

Worry is useless and it isn’t going to make things go smoother my friend. Live in this moment of the day and enjoy and find the positive of your moments. If your mind takes you to worry then gently shift your focus to what the best case scenario could be instead of a worst case scenario. More times than not the very thing you worry about will never happen but the worry itself can create worry vibrations that will create more to worry about.

How about learning to trust that all will unfold just as it should and the Universe has your back no matter what? How about knowing that your best is always in mind when it comes to the Universe? How about trusting and expecting the best…it could happen ya know. 😉 When you trust and expect the best you are creating vibrations that will create trust and the best for your life. How about creating some positive feelings and thought today? What do you have to appreciate and enjoy right now in your life?