beth 9989

Take this moment to celebrate your ability to think and feel. We can so often take for granted all that is around us and within us. Acknowledge how truly wonderful it is that you are a living, breathing, amazing spiritual being having a physical experience. Every moment we appreciate we create more moments to appreciate for the future. Think about how fortunate we are to be able to think of unlimited possibilities for our lives. Go outside the box of the ‘normal’ and take this moment to envision the life you truly desire. And then take another moment to appreciate the moment you are in right now.

Every experience we have, every vibration we emit, every focused thought and feeling that we have is creating our life. It is up to us whether we move to the next higher level of vibration through our thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Whether we stay in the same vibration or not, we are always learning, inner growing, and understanding. We can’t get life wrong as long as we are experiencing and being.

So today take this moment to appreciate all that you are, all that you want to be, and all you have experienced…all is truly well my friend.