beth mccain 1

It can be difficult to accept an experience that feels like it is unacceptable. When we feel disappointed because of the outcome or the vibration of an experience we are right in the middle of, it can be hard to accept what is happening. The inability to accept an experience creates a resistant vibration and that resistant vibration creates more distress and negative thoughts and feelings. These kinds of experiences are a part of our inner growth in life. It is a part of why we are here. Just because something isn’t to our liking doesn’t mean that we can’t accept and embrace the experience for what it is. We can do all we can to move past the experience or even change it but when it gets to a point where it is unchangeable then it is up to us to change our attitude and perception of the experience.

We learn through contrast and we learn through peace. It just seems we stand up and notice more when we are given a different outcome than we expected. Learn and understand from the experience and do your best to enjoy the positive moments within it. If you can’t find a positive then just know there is one and that your job at that moment is to embrace the experience and find the gem within it.