beth mccain 2234

Isn’t it nice to hear that you matter in life? Everyone, no matter who they are, matters. Every person that crosses your path is someone that matters. When you look at each person as a human being and not just a body that happens to cross your path, you are acknowledging their existence and some need to feel that someone cares that they exist. Each of us is a piece of the Universal puzzle. Can you imagine a puzzle with missing pieces? Everyone, when they are living in this world, matters. We all have the responsibility to live life in the best way we know how; to inner grow through our experiences and enjoy to the best of our ability.

How about instead of speaking to the attitude or the personality of another we speak to the true being of who they are? Treat them in a way they feel respected and cared for. You never know what a little attention toward someone can do for them…and for you.