beth mccain 783

Just listen…

Isn’t it nice to be heard? When someone doesn’t interrupt and does their best to hear and feel what you are saying? Remember being a child and feeling as if no one heard what you had to say? No matter what your child says, even if it is all imagination, just listen to them. Show them you care and and be interested in what they have to say. When you listen, it doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with them but that you hear what they have to say.

Being a child isn’t the isn’t the easiest, you know that? They come into this world and are expected to abide by all the conditions of this world. What they want is to be loved and accepted.  They want to feel safe and supported. Sometimes they aren’t given the time they should have so they feel loved and accepted.

Do your best to let your children feel loved and supported by you and the Universe. It will give them a stronger support and  balance as they become adults.